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Musings of a Musical Animal

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Just What I Needed

How do I begin to tell you about a person who went from almost ending their life, to profoundly impacting mine? What could I say to do...

What I Am

As you may have, but probably didn’t notice, it’s been a little sparse over here on Crocumentary of late. Turns out, it’s harder than I...

Down In It

Being depressed and anxious sucks, but for many people, it can be even harder to watch someone you deeply care about struggle. For me,...

Still Fighting It

It’s actually kind of strange. As much as my life has been looking up in a lot of ways lately, especially compared to last year, it's...

I'm Afraid Of Americans

More and more lately, I’ve been reading news reports about people being aggressive towards others, whether it’s throwing bottles and...

Pride (In The Name Of Love)

My sexuality has always been a complex thing. Growing up, words like "fag" and "gay" were commonly used by me and my preteen friends as...

Reelin' In The Years

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' Into the future - "Fly Like An Eagle", Steve Miller Band Getting older is a complicated thing...

Talk To Me

Social media can be a challenging place, especially for younger people. As the years go by, the age of people who spend a considerable...

Take The Long Way Home

Welcome to my new blog. First off, thank you for coming. You've taken time out of your day to come see what I have to say, and that...

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