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The Self-Deprecation of Furs
In Fuzzy Logic
Apr 30, 2021
As someone who has been self-deprecating throughout my life, I often would be humorously critical of myself as a way of taking power away from those who seek to be critical just to be injure me emotionally. Now granted, how much that works really depends upon whether the jokes you're making about yourself are ones that you are using for a defensive purpose or ones that you actually kinda believe. There are a lot of ways to deal with people who seek to make you feel better or tear you down. In general I would not advocate for self-deprecation, though I would advocate for an ability to laugh at yourself, just you have to know when to use it and when to give yourself some credit and stand up for yourself. I think the majority of people who say they are furry trash and make jokes about furries being pervs or whatever, are doing it as a form of self-awareness and to show that they acknowledge that what we do is unusual, I don't think most people really feel bad about being furry, I think they say it because they do have a sense of humor and it's kinda like "yeah I don't really care of you want to talk crap cause I already know I'm a little different, and I'm great with that". But it's in how you do it, how often you do it, the words you pick to do it. We don't need to give people ammo in taking potshots at us, but at the same time, if we don't show that we are aware of ourselves and what we like, we're also encouraging people to second guess us - like a spokesperson for a con constantly laughing off the idea that furries ever have sex in costumes. The answer should be "Maybe some of them do. And if they do, so what? They're adults and If they're doing it privately and respecting others, more power to them."



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